Why Choose OLF

“My Fatima tradition began in 1973 when my parents enrolled me in Kindergarten at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School. Through seven years of elementary school, my Catholic identity was formed and nurtured. After receiving my education degree from USM, I returned to Fatima as a teacher. When my son Griften was old enough to start school, my husband and I chose Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School for his educational foundation. My family and I are firm believers in the values and high expectations of the faculty, staff, and supporters of Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School.”

Patrice Broussard
PK-4 Teacher



We are second generation students at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School, and we are very thankful to our parents for sending us to Fatima. We know that a Catholic education is very important to our entire family, and we realize the huge sacrifice that our parents undertook to make it possible for us to attend Our Lady of Fatima. We also realize as we get older the importance of our faith education.

We have accomplished so many great things at Our Lady of Fatima. We love to learn about our Catholic faith, and how God went about preaching to his people. We admire how amazing it is that Jesus loves us no matter what and he will always forgive us.

At Our Lady of Fatima there are so many extraordinary, caring people to meet. We will always cherish and remember the unbelievable memories and fun moments at Our Lady of Fatima.

We know that new things will come our way. By the encouragement of our family and teachers we will always strive to do our best. We have learned to take pride in our work because it will always pay off in the end.

Finally, we know we will be leaders, organized, and smart students because of the wonderful fundamentals we were taught by the amazing, caring staff and teachers at Our Lady of Fatima School. We know we will do our best in the years to come. The sky is the limit thanks to Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School.


Nicholas Filipich & Mary Katherine Filipich


As a military family, our children change schools frequently. To keep their education progressing above national averages it’s important to find a quality school with every move. Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School meets those needs here in Biloxi. The children receive a well-rounded education in all the basics and have fine arts classes as well. The small school size is a plus to us. We like knowing all the teachers know who our kids are. The school has a wonderful family feel to it, which is very welcoming when you are new to the area. I know when we move, I won’t have to worry about our children being behind at their next school. 

Mike, Dianne, Joe & Ella Renkas