Fine Arts

Fine arts develop the creative side of our students

Our Lady of Fatima Elementary believes in providing a strong and diverse curriculum and our fine arts program is one of the best.  The study and participation in the fine arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas.  Study of the fine arts fosters a love for learning, improves student dignity, enhances creativity and produces a more prepared citizen for the workplace for tomorrow.


Students benefit greatly from participating in drama.   They gain poise, self-confidence, and the ability to speak in front of others. They learn patience while they are waiting for their cue. They learn to be supportive when they have a small role, and they learn that they can’t do it all alone when they have a bigger role.

The OLF Elementary theater program is one of the best on the coast.  We pull together a wide variety of skill from different students and put them to work.  In addition to actors, dancers, and singers, a theatrical production requires good lighting, sound production, and stage hands.  Everyone has a chance to participate in our theater program.

Each spring OLF Elementary puts on a large theatrical production at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.  In 2017, our students performed Seussical.  Led by Ms Jacqueline Coale, the students put on a marvelous production of this musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.

Caroline Dellenger, Dale Smith, Sarah Vyverberg, Sam Mandal perform in Seussical

Caroline Dellenger, Dale Smith, Sarah Vyverberg, Sam Mandal perform in Seussical


Caden DeMers, Sam Mandal, Isabella Cruthirds perform in Seussical

Caden DeMers, Sam Mandal, Isabella Cruthirds perform in Seussical


Seussical 2

The cast of Seussical

French class

French is fun!  French class is offered to all students at OLF Elementary from kindergarten through 6th grade.  A foreign language provides students a better understanding of the native language; a broadening of the students’ view of the world; its cultures and situation; and an excitement, which often carries over into other academic and social area, at learning something completely new.

French Class

French Teacher Audrey Jarecke instructs her students


The music instruction continues to be cited as a profoundly positive element of educating young students. Our own experiences, as well as countless studies, validate the benefits of elementary music education. It’s important in the development of a student’s ability to understand new concepts, think logically, solve problems, exercise intellectual thinking, personal discipline, and perform with confidence individually and as part of a group. As Catholic educators, we are exhorted to consider the importance of music, especially in its liturgical application. Music has a strong influence in shaping the whole person presented to us by God for our care and instruction.


OLF Choir

Music Director Jacqueline Coale leads the OLF school choir

music director and theatrical productions

J Coale featured in Gulf Pine Catholic newspaper

J Coale feature in Gulfpine Catholic