K through 6 Curriculum

DSC_4701Kindergarten through sixth grade is a nurturing community that strives to inspire and motivate students to become interested in learning and discovering their Catholic faith. Exceptional teachers provide a solid learning curriculum to inspire their students. Learning is a hands-on experience to develop competence, confidence, and enjoyment.

Classes in language, arts, reading and mathematics all meet daily each morning. Other subjects, like social studies, religion, physical education, visual arts, language (Spanish), technology, and library, meet one to three times per week dependent on grade level. Each morning all students assemble in the courtyard for prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and announcements. All students take part in leading the prayer and pledge. Chapel is also held in Our Lady of Fatima Chapel each Thursday for elementary school students.

During their years in kindergarten through sixth grade, students are learning with enthusiasm and gaining confidence to successfully make the transition to middle school. They have a better understanding of themselves and an eagerness to experience the new challenges and opportunities that await them in middle school.