Why Choose a Catholic School

As a parent in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you have many choices for your child’s education. Many families of diverse faith traditions and varied social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds have chosen Catholic schools.

When parents choose a Catholic school for their children, it sets their children apart as a family committed to their children’s education. This choice proves parents are ready to make extraordinary sacrifices. This sacrifice parents undergo to send their children to Catholic school, teaches their children that education is a high priority. Catholic schools provide a loving, loyal environment where the entire community of parents, teachers, students, and parish are committed to academic and personal success.

What makes the Catholic education stand apart from its peers?


  • Our Lady of Fatima Elementary provides a personalized and strong curriculum to fully engage the students in academics.
  • According to the National Catholic Education Association, Catholic high schools have a 99.1 percent graduation rate compared to a 73.1 percent graduation rate at public schools.
  • The report also found that 84.7 percent of Catholic high school graduates attend four-year colleges compared to 44.1 percent of public high school graduates.


  • Our Lady of Fatima Elementary carries a strong Catholic tradition by holding Mass on Thursdays, providing solid religious instruction and saying prayer on a daily basis.
  • Values and character are an integral part of a Catholic school education.
  • Students explore their faith through classes and activities in Scripture, Sacraments, and the Church.

Parental Involvement

  • Our Lady of Fatima Elementary believes in the importance on the partnership with the parents.
  • Family input and involvement results in higher attendance rates and lower dropout rates.
  • Catholic schools challenge each student to reach his or her fullest potential.
  • Academic excellence
  • Progressive 21st century learning
  • Christian values