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We Put Faith
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A strong curriculum, small class sizes, and a dedicated faculty are just a few of the many outstanding qualities you can expect from Our Lady of Fatima Elementary and Preschool.

The MAC is here!

Our Lady of Fatima Elementary has recently inaugurated its new gymnasium, The Mac. The gymnasium has been named after Father Henry McInerney, who is the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima. This multipurpose facility will be used for various athletic activities by the students. It will also serve as a celebration venue for school families. This is a significant milestone for the school, and it is a day to remember.

The most important decision
made by a parent is where
to send their child to school.

How do you decide which school has that “right environment” for your son or daughter?


Are you looking for a structured learning environment for your child where they can start developing essential skills like literacy, numeracy, social interaction, problem-solving, and creativity?

These early learning experiences lay a solid foundation for future academic success.


For the elementary student (K – 6th)

Are you looking for an elementary school with an emphasis on character development rooted in Christian values and its smaller class sizes, which allow for more personalized attention to each student’s needs and academic progress?

We prepare students for junior high and beyond by providing a holistic education that combines academic excellence with moral and spiritual development.

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