Campus Ministry

Our Catholic Faith is Central to Everything We Do at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary

To help the Fatima Family grow in the love of God through experiences of prayers, liturgy and the Church is an integral part of the Campus Ministry Mission Statement.

Liturgy and Prayer

Mass is celebrated every Friday throughout the school year. Along with the weekly mass, Mass is also celebrated on all Holy Days of Obligation, on select days in the Seasons of Advent and Lent, and for other occasions such as Grandparents Day, Salute to the Military, and Bishop Mass.

The regularly scheduled Mass takes place Friday mornings at 8:30 am. Parents and guests are invited to attend with their children. Students at all levels help plan the Masses and take part as altar servers, readers of the Holy Scriptures, and members of the choir. PK-4 to 6th Grade attend each Friday throughout the school year. PK-3 students attend mass during the second half of the school year.

There is school-wide prayer every morning as part of the morning announcements and many teachers pray as a class before instruction begins.

First Confession

The sacrament of penance is one of the seven sacraments in which the faithful obtain absolution for the sins committed against God and neighbor and are reconciled with the community of the Church. First Confession is offered to 2nd graders in late February or early March.

First Communion

First Communion is a ceremony in which a person first receives the Eucharist. Holy Communion is the third of seven sacraments receives. It occurs only after receiving Baptism. First Communion is offered to 2nd graders in the spring.

Altar Servers

An altar server is a lay assistant to a member of the clergy during a Christian liturgy. An altar server attends to supporting tasks at the altar such as assisting the priest during the service. Altar servers are open to the students of OLF elementary beginning in the third grade and after receiving First Communion.