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We Put Faith and Family First

A strong curriculum, small class sizes, and a dedicated faculty are just a few of the many outstanding qualities you can expect from Our Lady of Fatima Elementary and Preschool.

Educating PK2 – 6th grade students since 1961

The most important decision made by a parent is where to send their child to school. How do you decide which school has that “right environment” for your son or daughter?

For the preschool student (PK2 – PK4)

Do you want a day care or do you want your son or daughter to have an actual curriculum? Pre-K education is a foundation for most children since it provides their initial exposure to school and sets the tone for their education career.

For the elementary student (K – 6th)

Do you want your son or daughter to be a number and be taught to a test? Or do you want your son or daughter to be part of an educational community in a family environment?

Our Lady of Fatima Elementary and Preschool is the answer to those who want to their son or daughter to be part of a faith based educational community.

How to Enroll Your Son or Daughter

  1. Request information
  2. Tour the campus
  3. Register

The Fatima Difference


Education Begins on Day One
Social & Emotional Development
Importance of Play
Catholic Self-Discipline
OLF Family


Academics to Challenge & Excite
Sports & Physical Fitness
Extracurricular Activities
Catholic Self-Discipline
OLF Family

We understand – a private school education includes a financial commitment. The phrase, “you can pay me now or pay me later” becomes a significant one. Students who attend a Catholic school are more likely to have a higher ACT score.

What is the cost of elementary school in comparison to the cost of college? Making the investment today will pay off with more scholarship opportunities at a later date. Plus, we are able to offer tuition assistance for eligible families.

Stephen Azar

St. Patrick HS Valedictorian ‘19
Perfect 36 on ACT
OLF Class of ’13

Jacob Roberts

St. Patrick HS Valedictorian ‘20
OLF Class of ’14

The Benefits of a Catholic School

Selecting the right school for your son or daughter is an extremely important decision for you and your family. Our Lady of Fatima Elementary wants to help you in your search. Download this free guide “The Benefits of a Catholic School”.

Fundraising Campaign for New Multi-Purpose Facility

Our Lady of Fatima Elementary is building a 12,000-square-foot Multi-Purpose Facility on its campus. A fundraising campaign is underway to assist with the project’s construction and ongoing costs. We hope you will consider contributing to our building fund.

A donor may donate today or pledge to donate in the future. The project and donation information may be found here.

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