Student Athletics

OLF Elementary believes athletics are an important component of our schools’ academic programs. Participation in sports offers unique opportunities to promote self-discipline, improve self-image, and encourage a healthy sense of competition. The ultimate objective of our program is to improve our athletes’ skills while teaching sportsmanship and having fun.


OLF Elementary participates in the Biloxi Diocese Catholic Basketball League. OLF Elementary fields boys and girls teams from 2nd grade to 6th grade. The season opens in January and concludes in early March with our own version of the NCAA tournament.

In 2022, the 2nd grade team and the senior girls team both won the conference tournament.


Fall Golf Camp

OLF Elementary started a golf camp in the fall of 2018 for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. This new program, held at Sunkist Country Club in Biloxi, attracted 32 students in its inaugural year. With a majority of the participants being beginners, the camp’s focus was on introducing them to the game and ensuring they had an enjoyable experience. The lessons emphasized the short game, including chipping and putting, while also providing time on the driving range. The camp aimed to encourage the students to continue playing golf on their own, potentially with their parents taking them to the course.

Spring Golf

During the spring, OLF Elementary fields a golf team for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. In the spring of 2019, more that 35 students participated. The team plays at least four matches at area golf courses against junior club teams. The competition includes a six-hole round of golf and a Drive, Chip, and Putt Skills Challenge.

Track & Field

OLF Elementary participates in the annual Nativity track meet held every spring at St. Patrick High School. Nine Catholic elementary schools meet at St. Patrick High School to compete in various track and field events ranging from relays, dashes, and long jumps to softball throws. Students from second grade to sixth grade compete in these events. Our physical education teacher starts training for this event in early spring on our state-of-the-art track.

OLF Exposes Students to Wide Variety of Sporting Activities

OLF Elementary believes students should be exposed to a variety of athletic events and activities. Through sport diversification children get to develop a wider variety of skills which will contributed to their feeling of competence in sports, which increases the chances that children enjoy their experiences in sports.

Throughout the course of the school year, we invite our students to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. The activities range from area fun runs to the annual Elks Hoop Shoot competition. We also bring in local experts to introduce our students to fun activities including fishing and cast netting, jiu jitsu, football training, and tennis instruction.

Biloxi Recreational Department

Biloxi Parks & Recreation also offers a variety of team sports including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, and softball. We encourage our students to be active and sign-up for a recreational team with the City of Biloxi. For more information, visit the recreational site.