Laurie Johnston

Kindergarten Teacher

Years of teaching experience
Worked at Creative Learning DayCare for 3 years
Worked 25 years for Biloxi Public Schools (retired)

Schools and Colleges Attended
Attended Sacred Heart Girls High School – graduated from Mercy Cross. Member of first graduating class of Mercy Cross High School.
Associate of Science in Radiology Technology from MGCCC
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from USM
Masters of Education from William Carey Collge
National Board Certified Teacher

Watching Ole Miss football and baseball games, traveling and spending time with friends and family.
I visited Australia last summer and Ireland this past summer.
I enjoy going to Ship and Horn Islands boating.

I have been married to Billy Johnston Jr. for 28 years. I have two children – Taylor Paul and Katelyn who attended Catholic schools K-12th grade.
I attended Catholic schools in Biloxi from 1st – 12th grade.