Catholic Education Fun Facts

We can tell you that Catholic schools have been providing superior education for decades, but we can also show you how the results obtained by outside agencies support our claims.

Positive Environment
Our schools provide a safe, nurturing environment for the whole family with an emphasis on moral education, community, and service.
• 45% of Catholic schools in the United States participate in Federal Nutrition Programs, which provide over 270,000 free meals to children daily. (National Catholic Educational Association)
• The largest private school system in the United States is operated by the Roman Catholic Church. (National Center for Educational Statistics)
• In 2015 the Archdiocese provided $3,268,744 in support to lighten the financial burden of parents. (Office of Catholic Schools)
• Our Catholic high school students perform 111,800 hours of community service at more than 700 different organizations, demonstrating faith in action.
• The national student/teacher ratio in Catholic schools is 13:1. (NCEA)
Academic Excellence
Our innovative and rigorous curriculum, presented within an atmosphere of diversity and with a global perspective, provides students with an education well above the national standard.

• 99% of students who attend Catholic high schools in the United States graduate. Of those, 86% attend 4-year colleges. (NCEA) In the diocese of Biloxi, those statistics are even higher: 100% of our high school students graduate, and 99% attend either a 4-year college (81%) or community college (18%).
• 16.4% of Catholic school students are not Catholic. (NCEA)
• Catholic schools provide over $24 billion a year in savings for the nation. (NCEA)

Notable Alumni
Catholic school education is filled with success stories in the classroom and beyond. The following are just some examples of distinguished Catholic school graduates:
• President Barack Obama
• President Bill Clinton
• Martin Scorsese, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, film historian
• Mark Mazzetti, Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist for the New York Times
• Joseph M. McShane, President of Fordham University
• Christopher Ferguson, NASA space shuttle Atlantis pilot