Lahaina Fundraiser – Tuesday, August 29

Tuesday marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 18 years ago.  On this day, we will have a meaningful Catholic Service Projects to raise funds for Sacred Heart Catholic School in Lahaina, Hawaii. 

The wildfires earlier this month completely destroyed their elementary and middle school.  Their school is now being held at Sacred Hearts Missions Church as they search for land for their campus.  Classes are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 28.  Since the space is small at the church, the school will start on a rotational schedule.

To support their rebuilding efforts, we are hosting a Hawaiian Free Dress Day where students can wear their favorite Hawaiian-themed clothes for a minimum contribution of $5. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000.  Any additional donations are welcome. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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Pictured:  Maria Lanakila Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue, and half of Sacred Hearts School remain standing after the devastating fire.