OLF Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing can ever replace the solemnity and beauty of Holy Week in the Fatima Church, but our teachers and Mrs. Hahn came up with a fun way to keep our Fatima Family connected.

Make your home’s front window a literal & figurative window into our Catholic Christian Faith. Simply print this pdf and have your children decorate it and hang it in your front window. If your window is not very visible/ accessible, please hang one on your mailbox or a stake in your front yard.

Students can color it, bedazzle it…however they wish to express themselves and share their Faith. Even though we may be parted and we cannot be in church together, we’re still in the Easter Season and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

To participate in the Easter Egg Hunt

Sign-up to participate. – 5:00 pm on Friday is the deadline

Download the Treasure Hunt instructions.