OLF Elementary Celebrates Our Grandparents

National Grandparent Day is September 9th this year. Our Lady of Fatima Elementary held a special mass to honor these special individuals and the contributions they make to the school and the role model they serve to their grandchildren – our students. “Grandparents provide a vital link to our heritage and family history”, said Cindy Hahn, Principal. “We have many grandparents that are involved in our school and they are a tremendous resource. Grandparents are treasures deserving of our honor and respect. This special mass is our way to say “thank -you” to all the grandparents who enrich the lives of our students”.

Xavier Bautista Laura Romero Gabrile Bautista at Grandparents Mass
Noah Putnam, Cindy Thompson celebrate Grandparents Day
Joe Woods Dany Woods Margie Woods at Grandparents Mass