OLF Elementary Congratulates the 6th Grade Class of 2020

This school year has been anything but normal.  With 6th grade graduation right around the corner, Mrs. Cindy Hahn, OLF School Principal, and her staff wanted to do something special for the class.  Since OLF Elementary is presently teaching online, Mrs. Hahn and her staff went to visit each 6th grade student at their home to congratulate them.  “The students were very excited to see us when we rolled up in the OLF Elementary school bus along with a parade of cars following us, said Mrs. Hahn, Principal.  “Coach Hewes blew the air horn and we all cheered as we presented each student with a 2020 beach ball along with a class of 2020 sign.”  Video from the event may be found on our facebook page.  Congratulations to the class of 2020!