OLF Elementary Reading Fair Results

The Reading Fair Competition provides students in first grade through sixth grade the opportunity to share their favorite book through a storyboard display.  The goal of the Reading Fair is for students to express their enjoyment of reading by creating a project that allows them to share a favorite book whether individually or with friends.

Here are the results from this year’s competition.  The first place winner in each division will travel to Hattiesburg to compete in the Regional Reading Fair to be held on February 1st.

1st & 2nd Grade Family Fiction                                                    3rd Grade Individual Fiction

1st Place Jude Krohn 1st Place Anders Mitchell
2nd Place Webb Sumrall 2nd Place Baylin Rockholt
3rd Place Noah Murphy 3rd Place Anabelle Gollott

4th & 5th Grade Individual Fiction                                             6th Grade Individual Fiction

1st Place Ryan Mavar 1st Place Kamryn Donoian
2nd Place Seraphina Sidwell 2nd Place Emma Mandal
3rd Place James Geary 3rd Place Lily Jordan

3rd – 5th Grade Non-Fiction                                                           6th Grade Non-Fiction

1st Place Blake Beale 1st Place Ella Balius
2nd Place Noah Putnam
3rd Place Riley Powers

3rd – 5th Grade Group Projects                                          

1st Place Ava Carter Anna C Jordan
2nd Place Carson Felsher Cooper Felsher
3rd Place Mary Weeks David Weeks

6th Grade Group Projects

1st Place Abby Poulos Caroline Poulos
2nd Place Maddie Boudreaux Meredith Eleuterius
3rd Place British Boles Bruce Boles