OLF Math Team Competes in MathCounts Competition

OLF sent six 6th grade students to compete in the MathCounts competition held at the Tradition Campus of William Carey.  These students competed in a math competition for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students against local area schools.  We wish to thank Carol Shinn for coaching the team.

The participating schools included Bayou View Middle School, Bel-Air Elementary, Colmer Middle School, Gautier Middle School, Hancock Middle School, Harper McCaughan Elementary, Long Beach Middle School, Pass Christian Middle School, River Oaks Elementary, St. Patrick High, St. Stanislaus, and Stone Middle School 

The math team consisted of Michelle Jumpa, Olivia Parker, Dale Smith, Jay Korsak, Logan Sheppard, Jet Johnson, Coach Carol Shinn.