OLF PK2-PK4 Students Ahead of the Curve

An editorial published by the Djournal of Tupelo, MS this week showed that the majority of Mississippi children are not prepared to enter kindergarten.  The MS Department of Education released the results of a kindergarten readiness test and the results were discouraging.  The percentage of students who scored kindergarten-ready was 36.1 percent.  Only 16 percent of Mississippi 4-year-olds attended public pre-K programs in 2016-17.

At Our Lady of Fatima Elementary, we have an excellent group of PK2-PK4 teachers that are making sure our students are prepared to enter kindergarten.  Our parents understand the need for early education and are making a difference in their children’s lives.  

GreatSchools, the leading national nonprofit, put together 10 good reasons why your child should attend preschool.