OLF Student Captures the Nation’s Attention – Featured on ABC News, GMA & WLOX

OLF Elementary kindergarten student, Brooke Ryan, has become a local sensation with her ability to recite all 45 U.S. Presidents in order. On President’s Day, Ms. Laurie Johnston’s kindergarten class did the morning announcements for the school. As part of the announcements, Brooke recited the 45 presidents in order over the intercom. PE Teacher Finley Hewes listened to Brooke and knew she had a special talent. After receiving parental permission, he recorded a video of Brooke reciting the presidents. The video was placed on the OLF Elementary facebook page and became an immediate sensation leading to call from WLOX and subsequently ABC News & Good Morning America to pick-up the video. Congratulations Brooke!

ABC News
Good Morning America